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Does your tourism business need an online booking system? TXA (Tourism Exchange Australia) delivers a national, open booking platform that tourism operators can use to expand their online sales opportunities. Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA) is the combination of rich, comprehensive tourism content supplied by ATDW and the booking technology provided by technology partner, V3.

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You will have the opportunity to view the Terms and Conditions and Commercial Terms of the distributor, including commissions and fees, before agreeing to participate (opt-in).

TXA is integrated with various reservations and booking systems (polling partners). Once an agreement is reached with the distributor, a Book Now button will be displayed with your listing on their website.

As an accommodation, tour, attraction or event provider listed with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), you will continue to have access to distribution opportunities available via the ATDW, however, you will now also have the opportunity to enable your product to be booked online by a multitude of new distributors using the TXA.

Benefits to tourism operators

Tourism operators who use TXA will be provided with many benefits, including:

• Ability to select the distributors you wish to sell your product through
• View the terms and conditions and commercial terms before agreeing to the contract (opting in)
• Stop participating (opt-out) at any time
• Customise your rates for different distributors
• Increase the exposure of your products in new markets
• Receive funds from bookings directly into your nominated bank account (depending on the commercial terms of the distributor)
• Retain total control of who sells your inventory and at what rate.

Your TXA questions answered by ATDW

What is TXA?

TXA stands for Tourism Exchange Australia. TXA provides operators with a multi-channel online sales method, while distributors can access high quality information from the ATDW web service with the added ability to book online.

My business doesn’t have an electronic booking system, what should I do?

There are many different systems on the market, so deciding which one best fits your business will require some research. It is best to thoroughly investigate your options.

Here is a list of some things you’ll want to consider:

• Ask your peers what booking system they use and its pros and cons
• Write down all the things you would like the system to do for your business and check them against its capabilities
• Check if your local Visitor Information Centre makes online bookings to ensure that it will integrate with the system you are considering
• Are the fees one off fees or pay as you go?
• Is the contract written so that you can easily opt-out if you find the system does not meet your business needs?
• Is there a trial period to use the booking system?
• What are the minimum system requirements?

How do I know that the system I have selected will be included?

ATDW and V3 will include as many booking systems as possible in the TXA and information will be updated on the ATDW website as the system is connected.

What does opt-in and opt-out mean?

Opt-in means that you agree to the distributor’s terms and conditions and commission fees. Once you agree (opt-in), a Book Now button will be displayed with your listing on their website.

Opt-out means that you are electing to no longer have a contract with that particular distributor.

What distributors are on TXA?

The current list of ATDW distributors can be found on the ATDW Corporate website.

Further information is available on the TXA website.

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