Travel. Our Way.

If you’re reading this, it means you are part of a special group of people; South Australia’s tourism industry. Let's get the nation to see more of South Australia. We hope you use this information to create excitement, desire and anticipation to entice visitors to Travel. Our Way.

We want people to feel challenged to make a choice: Travel the ‘usual’ way or Travel. Our Way. which is to travel with an ‘up for anything’ attitude. This campaign features the feel-good moments of South Australia. The moments that make you forget to take a photo because you are too busy doing just that, enjoying the moment. 

South Australia has something for everyone. Whether that be shark cage diving for the thrill seekers, discovering new trails in the Flinders Ranges & Outback for the adventurers or immersing in the ultimate dining experience for the foodies.


Travel. Our Way is being promoted in various marketing activity, including: 

Television | Cinema | Outdoor Billboards | Print | Digital & Social 


We know the power of our network and, when we all get together with clear direction, the results are very impressive. As part of the Travel. Our Way. campaign we have developed ways for industry to get involved, helping the message of what it means to Travel. Our Way. to be spread as far and wide as possible.     

Utilise the Travel. Our Way. Toolkit and digital assets to share what it means to travel our way for your business and region on your own social and website channels. 

Download and share our TV commercial and other supporting digital assets on your own social media channels and website. You can find these assets here

If you would like to discover more ways to amplify the message, use the Travel. Our Way. Canva social templates that will help you utilise campaign messaging with your own imagery.  


How do you create branded content using Canva? 

How to create awesome branded content 

How to create branded graphics using Canva

How to create branded graphics in Canva

Use @southaustralia and #SeeSouthAustralia on social media so that people can find your content and include reasons to encourage consumers into your region. 

For further information on how to level up your social media game please find our Tips and Tricks guide.

For this campaign, Travel. Our Way. is treated as its own entity and title - so this means breaking a few usual grammatical rules. Using this consistently will create a brand association for South Australia and a strong call to action for our target audiences.

Industry can use these campaign message guidelines in their own communications and include examples of curious and unique locations and experiences.

Some examples: 


Travel. Our Way. South Australia  


Travel. Our Way. for the ultimate road trip itinerary. 
Travel. Our Way. for pool parties full of furry friends. 


Book now to Travel. Our Way. 

When writing the headline our rules to apply are as follows:  

  1. Capital T  
  2. Full stop after ‘Travel’  
  3. Capital O  
  4. Capital W  
  5. Full stop after ‘Way’  
  6. Option A: First letter of next word if part of a sentence remains lower case (despite coming after a full stop)  
  7. Option B: First letter of next word can be capital if it is starting a new sentence.

On your social channels, you can use the Travel. Our Way tone of voice to provide your audience with a reason why they should Travel. Our Way. and visit your business/venue/product and region.

Ensure your Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) listing is up-to-date and promotes your tourism business or experience to its full potential. Remember, this will be showcased not only by but by up to 260 other distributors of ATDW content.

For information about how to get the most from your ATDW listing, see our ATDW Support & Marketing Hub.


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